Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ukiyo-e Thor and Captain America Prints now available

Excited to announce the next two limited edition prints from Marvel and Upperdeck.

"Back in February Upper Deck Gallery begun a unique series of Japanese Woodblock prints that showcased members of The Avengers locked in battle with an unknown evil. Hawkeye and Black Widow kicked off the fray in their very own individual lithograph posters. We saw the mighty heroes taking on what appeared to be serpents causing destruction. Today the enemy has a face and it is the wicked trickster god Loki. “Out of all the great Avengers villains, Loki seems the most timeless and diabolical,” said artist Marcelo Baez. “These traits transport him seamlessly into an Ukiyo-e type serpentine demon spreading his evil across the land.” But as Loki expands his devastation, the heroes are joined by two more members of the iconic Avengers."

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