Monday, February 23, 2015

"All Together Now" APP AWARD!!

I was thrilled to hear that a phone app I supplied illustrations for, won the intercultural innovation award!

"All Together Now, the Australian charity behind the app, believes that raising awareness about racism is crucial to improving intercultural awareness, education and citizenship. It is also essential in addressing cross-cultural tensions by making the public aware that these tensions exist and providing tools so people are better prepared to ameliorate these tensions. With 19% of Australians having been a target of racism in the past year, the app contributes to reducing this problem by building empathy among players and preparing them to respond when they witness racism. When more people speak up against racism, racism becomes socially unacceptable."


Joe Baez said...

Congrats bro! Downloaded the app, the cartoon strips look sweet!

Marcelo Baez said...

Cheers Joe!!


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