Monday, October 30, 2006

Dancing cats!
Its true... I drew these out of a book, is there any thing cats can't do?
Whoa what weekend! It was great to see new and old faces at the Littlehammer stand, thanks to everyone who supported Craig and I this Supanova Awesome to see alot of great talent at Artist alley, and thanks again to Danny for making it happen.
Heres hoping to finish DIABLA DRAGONS TALE for March next year!

PS: Thanks to our support crew David (where's the next Knee Pockets?) Tang, Brad (HotCakes) Eade, Joe (My Bro) Baez, Tanya (Tatoo girl) Stabler and PJ
If I forgot you, just email me and complain.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here is a Beyonce & Jay Z piece I'm working on...I'll put the colour up soon...
Pick up a copy of STU magazine issue 37 (available at most record & fashion shops) they included a piece by yours truly. Thanks to Stikman for letting me know!!


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