Sunday, May 27, 2012

MCA Zine fair 2012.. what a day!!

Another great show at the MCA! Thanks again to Clare Wilcox for the invitation and organizing a spectacular day!
My hearty congratulations to my beautiful and talented wife for her successful debut of her Polaroid postcard series, I'm proud to say she out sold me!!
Thanks to all our friends Jodie, Howard, Jenny, Esther, James, David, Matt and Anthony for their support!
And of course thanks to everyone who stopped to make a purchase...
Rachael and me.

Blam! Big show!

Matt and Anthony...hmmm

Jodie & Howard (Thanks for the awesome coffee guys!)


Jodie said...

It was a good day out and we're so glad you guys did well

Marcelo Baez said...

Glad you and "007"could make it!


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