Sunday, November 13, 2011

ASA Comics Masterclass with Colleen Doran only 5 more sleeps!!

Don't forget the Australian Society of Authors upcoming Comics Masterclass featuring the internationally renowned US comics/manga creator Colleen Doran! Coming up this weekend Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November 2011!

DAY 1:
This is what you’ll learn on this intensive Comics Masterclass weekend!
  • Introduction
  • Storytelling Techniques – Marvel method; Plot with dialogue; Full script; Shitagaki; the Emotional wave; Adaptation and more.
  • Visual Storytelling Styles – East (uncompressed) and West (compressed) narrative styles (ie. Manga vs US comics); Linear and mood.
  • Professional Polish – 180 Degree Rule; World building; Don’t fall in “romantic love” with your characters; Composition and pacing; Lettering secrets; Style and substance; How to give your work that sharp edge!
DAY 2:
  • Deconstructing the Process – Are you the right person for the job?; Collaborating; Breaking down the job; Comics in the context of time; The nuts and bolts of creation; It’s not about the gadgets: it’s about what you have to say.
  • The Professional Life – Understanding the submission process; How to get into the US market; How to identify “Very Bad Publishers!” (and find the good ones!); How to make money from comics and graphic novels; Understanding the new world of digital comics; Engaging with fandom.
  • Creator Rights – Understanding the importance of your Intellectual Property (IP); Creator-owned work vs work-for-hire (commissioned work) properties; Legal and ethical issues.
  • Hollywood Insider’s Secrets – How to get your work from graphic novel to silver screen; How to find an agent and more.
  • Chalk Talk – Q & A with Colleen with some on-the-spot comic art magic!
Don't forget to check out the website for more details and bookings!

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