Monday, July 11, 2011

Belated Supanova report or The day I met DAVE JOHNSON!

I know Sydney Supanova was a while ago now, but I've been supabusy and getting over the flu ... anyhow, this years show was massive! I decided not to get a table for the first time in years, and just cruise around getting the chance to catch up with alot of the local creators and friends, like Gee Hale, Stephen Ford, Doug Holgate, Anthony Calvert, Julie Ditrich, Jozef Szekeres, Tom Bonin and a bunch more talented peeps. 
Dave and me!
Hey, Dave must be a DIABLA fan!

I had my geek on in a big way, as I got the chance to meet and chat with comics/animation/design genius The Reverend Dave "Devil Pig" Johnson! I've been a HUGE fan of Dave's work since "Super Patriot" back in the early 90s, through to his awesome cover designs for Marvel, DC and Vertigo, especially his Batman Detective covers and his 100 Bullets covers (young reader may have heard of BEN 10... well Dave designed all that cool stuff too). 

He gave a very frank and funny talk about all sorts including meeting his comic idols in person... and how disappointing it can be...
Well lucky for me and all his fans - he did not disappoint, and was the one of the funniest chatty artist you could meet. I asked him to sign my copy of "Drink and Draw"... he did ten steps better!

BIG Thanks to good friend Frank Kennedy for taking these snaps!  (I was too giddy at the time to organize anything!)


Gee Hale said...

Always good catching up with you, Marcelo!

Marcelo Baez said...

Hey you too Gee!! Loved your sketchbook too!


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