Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zine fair at the NGA Canberra

Thanks to all who supported us on the day! Great to see and chat to so many new and familiar faces, and the NGA's Gandel hall was very classy and spacious. I have to mention the chairs (what?) yes the chairs! So comfortable!! Unlike most shows the NGA chairs have my backsides stamp of approval!
Tom Bonin "DICKS" comic was a stand out for me, and it turns outs that we both love a lot of the same comics. 
Of course thanks to for making the show happen and the invite, and to Ben Craddock for these pics too...

"trust me..they're all good!!"

(note the chairs... ahhh comfy)


Claudio Cerri said...

Ehi Marcelo, I love your works. Diabla comics rules!

Marcelo Baez said...

Cheers Claudio!!


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