Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No excuses!! STUFF 'EM ALL!!!

I, like most lazy artist love to make excuses about finding time to draw, sketch, doddle whatever!
If you REALLY want to improve draw everyday, sounds easy, it is. I commute by train for 3 hrs a day and most people say to me "man, thats must get you down stuck on the train for over 3 hrs and day" (the Trains are always late...) Well it use to, but little by little with a big push from my wife i started to carry a little sketch book in my bag. Now most people starting out sketching, know how hard it is to draw under control conditions (eg: locked away from prying eyes) but in public with all thoughs werid people looking at you and that little voice in your head .."I suck and everyone here thinks so too.." man that little voice can ruin your life!
STUFF 'EM ALL!!! just fricking DO IT! Thats what I was told, and trust me on this one...YOU can not spend 5 years drawing everyday and NOT IMPROVE!!


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thanks stikman..i think... ; p


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