Sunday, December 11, 2016

Marvel Wolverine prints now available

Thrilled that Marvel and Upperdeck have released my latest Wolverine print featuring Silver Samurai! 

“Wolverine's history has always been intrinsically linked to Japan and the way of the samurai”, said artist Marcelo Baez. “I wanted this ukiyo-e inspired print to feel like being in the eye of the storm… the calm warrior…moments away from releasing the savage Wolverine in a clash with Silver Samurai.”

Eastern Woodblock: Wolverine is presented in this 18” x 24” Giclée on Canvas Gloss and is perfect for all Marvel fans new and old. In this variant edition, limited to only 100 pieces, the color is muted to a sepia tone to give the piece a more classic feel and bring is closer it’s heritage. The variant is available for $89.99 while supplies last!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Phantom cover

Thrilled to have been ask to draw a wrap around cover for the Phantom... "Ghost who walks"
Here's a look at my digital inks without the logo, my colour comp below and a link to the final art.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ukiyo-e Thor and Captain America Prints now available

Excited to announce the next two limited edition prints from Marvel and Upperdeck.

"Back in February Upper Deck Gallery begun a unique series of Japanese Woodblock prints that showcased members of The Avengers locked in battle with an unknown evil. Hawkeye and Black Widow kicked off the fray in their very own individual lithograph posters. We saw the mighty heroes taking on what appeared to be serpents causing destruction. Today the enemy has a face and it is the wicked trickster god Loki. “Out of all the great Avengers villains, Loki seems the most timeless and diabolical,” said artist Marcelo Baez. “These traits transport him seamlessly into an Ukiyo-e type serpentine demon spreading his evil across the land.” But as Loki expands his devastation, the heroes are joined by two more members of the iconic Avengers."

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino's take on #InTheHouse

Jabba caught up with Quentin Tarantino at the premiere of his latest film, The Hateful Eight, late last year! He was thrilled about our #InTheHouse line up. So now it's time to rewind an odd 23 years back to the very beginning, to Tarantino's first feature-length, Reservoir Dogs! We can't imagine you have something better to do than hang out with #MrPink and #MrWhite at the next In The House Season 4 - Reservoir Dogs on Friday 18th at 7pm! Buy tickets here: #HarveyKeitel #TimRoth #MichaelMadsen #SteveBuscemi #EdwardBunker

Posted by In The House - Cult Film Classics at Event Cinemas on Monday, March 7, 2016

Very excited to hear Mr Tarantino saying some cool things about the poster I illustrated for Event Cinemas, design by Nic J Shaw.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Happy new year!
Super excited about a bunch of new projects and events this year!
Here is a few things I can share...

The Gish comic/movie excerpt will be printed later this month as the director and writer Paul Barakat will being promoting the movie soon. Here's the cover art.

Also here's the promotion illustration for one of Event cinemas "In the House" cult classics, design by Nic J. Shaw

I'm pleased to be the official poster artist again for this years Comic Gong festival... I'll be sharing this art soon.

Sunday, November 01, 2015


Sorry my neglected blog... it's been a busy couple of months, with an Artist in residence, teaching and lots of cool projects... a couple which I'll be announcing before christmas... 

Meanwhile here's a look at some of my Inktober fairies from last month... 


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